Stopping Foreclosures is a company that focuses on providing expert help to those who are affected by the threat of foreclosure. We have 7 offices across the western United States where we aim to help people who had the misfortune of finding themselves in a situation where they cannot afford their mortgage, or some other type of debt, and their home ends up in danger of being foreclosed.

We have worked with just little over 500 clients over the years that we’ve been active. Our success rate is close to 90%. That’s right, almost 90% of people who approached us asking for help about their foreclosure got their problems resolved by us. We wish that number is higher, but unfortunately not every foreclosure out there can be helped by us. There are many different factors at play, from who the lender is, to how far along in the spiral of missed payments a person is.

Another important aspect of successfully stopping a foreclosure is making sure that you visit our offices and our advisors prior to things getting out of hand. Don’t wait around, find an office closest to you, get in and we’ll try to find a solution that’ll help your situation.