About us

Hi guys,

Our story was simple, we were a regular couple that didn’t have a single worry in our life. Bad luck and misfortune put us in the position that you are probably facing right now. We were bombarded with bad news and we were facing foreclosure. We had two options, first to give up and lose this battle, and second to deal with it, learn as much as we can, and beat ‘the system’. We managed to pull it off and now we have a happy life. Now I am passionate to help the others in need, to provide the best possible guidance and advisory so that everyone can overcome this bad part of life. I am publishing my researches and posting my tips on how to deal with the problem. I truly believe that we can do so much by just educating ourselves.

RULE NUMBER ONE: stop being desperate and start being PROACTIVE! It is ok to need help, and we are here for you!