There are some important things to keep in mind before deciding to buy a property, house or apartment.

We’ll consider some basic things about you: Are you a single person, a businessman who wants some peace, privacy, and comfort, or, on the other hand, a family man, perhaps with more children or a pet, who needs more space, or maybe an older married couple, who has finally raised their children and wants to escape from the urban environment to their own oasis of peace, where they will enjoy in their own garden, planting flowers or playing with a dog.

So, first, you have to decide do you see yourself more, in the comfort of your apartment that you will arrange according to your ambitions and needs, or in a house with a terrace or garden, if you are a nature lover or have a pet.

Your decision depends on your wishes, capabilities, and needs!


The main advantages of buying an apartment are low maintenance costs and low-cost prices. It is much easier to finance a new apartment because banks are easier to approve loans for new apartments, and it is also easier to move into a new apartment immediately, which is not the case with older houses that need to be renovated which may require a lot of waiting and costs, while the cost of maintaining in the building is divided into all neighbors.

People are more likely to choose apartments because it is a much larger choice.

There are a lot of neighborhoods to choose from, depending on your preferences, and the main advantage of buying an apartment is the fact that most apartments are located near basic facilities such as hospitals, kindergartens, schools, banks, but also children’s parks, shops, cafes, which brings additional savings on time and money.

Living in an apartment is easier to clean and maintain and easier to warm in winter.

Disadvantages of buying an apartment:

Less intimacy and limited freedom of behavior, since you are surrounded by neighbors who may be different, some can make you uncomfortable, disturb your peace and intimacy, for example, they may be bothered by your dog’s barking, the noise of your friends and guests, loud music, and more.

Some people would never choose to live in an apartment; they want their own intimacy and oasis of peace that they might not be able to live in an urban environment, which is susceptible to car noise, and therefore the quality of health is worse, as there is more pollution in the air.


The main advantage of buying a house is certainly greater comfort but also, having a garden, especially if you are a big fan of nature or if you are used to being outdoors.

This is an advantage for people who, when they wake up in the morning, want to sit down and have a morning coffee in their garden, enjoying the sun and the chirping of the birds, may plant their own flowers or vegetables that may eventually sell and make extra money, or may want to play with their children or pet; there are many choices and you can make a wonderful creation of your own, an oasis of flowers and plants, or a playroom with trampolines, swings, a small swimming pool…

Houses are mostly in a non-urban area, where there are fewer people and car noise, which means more intimacy and peace, but also some disadvantages such as harder financing and getting a loan, higher costs, more expensive maintenance, harder cleaning, and needed renovation since most of the houses are older. Because it is much larger square footage, spaces can often be inefficient or underutilized. The selection for houses on sale is much lower and the additional costs of editing and renovation can be huge.


All in all, the most important thing is that it will respect your needs and those of your loved ones. In the end, even if you don’t choose the most ideal space, what matters is what you will make of it and how you will behave and feel.

If you are guided by an inner feeling, you will certainly not go wrong. Good luck!